Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Down, but not for the Count

Blaugust Day 11, a bit late.

It finally happened, I missed a day of Blaugust. I can be forgetful so it was only a matter of time. Does this mean I failed Blaugust? I might've failed the challenge, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. I've gotten a lot out of Blaugust, and blogging in general, so far. I intend to finish the month unless life gets in the way.

Before Blaugust started I was just getting my feet wet with writing. I had written some articles before but they took me forever to write. When I didn't have writer's block I often found myself at a loss for words. I couldn't perfectly express what I was thinking, so I stopped writing. I even reached a point in my video reviews where I felt like I was using the same YouTube and game reviewer jargon over and over again. They weren't my words and they weren't conveying my thoughts.

I took some time to play games, read books, and watch movies. I started blogging just to get my thoughts out there. Instead of writing for other people and worrying if they get it, I was writing for myself and the words came more naturally. I decided to post a weekly blog. I had successfully done this for a month when I read about the Blaugust challenge on Pam's blog at It was the perfect challenge at the time. I started blogging daily and have done so for ten days! It used to take me a week or longer to get an article done (in addition to playing the game I was writing about). After blogging I've gone from a couple days to a couple hours to write a decent piece. Are they understandable to the average reader? I can't say, but I believe they've improved over time.

My buddy Stephen asked me what I wanted to get out of blogging. I think it's to be able to write freely about whatever I feel like. There's no need for the post to click with everyone since I'm not catering to a large audience. And I think that's what I like about other peoples' blogs. They feel more personal and not watered down or dressed up to appeal to more readers. I'd like to know, what do you get out of blogging?
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