Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Getting Sidetracked

Blaugust Day 4

I planned on wrapping up my perfect summer game series of blogs after work today. When I woke up I decided to stay home sick. I spent the morning with soup and a hot bath, then I became engrossed in a video game. That video game is Prey for the Xbox 360. I ended up beating it just now and realized I didn't blog today. I know how the saying goes, but time really does disappear when I'm doing something I enjoy. I'm going to spend tomorrow reflecting on the game and plan to have a post up on Thursday.

As for my number one perfect summer game, I'll leave you with a hint and a screenshot: the game was designed by Yuji Naka who is most known for programming the original Sonic games. The screenshot was not modified. The post should be up tomorrow evening.

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