Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mighty No. Nein

Blaugust Day 8

Wednesday morning I received an email from Comcept. If you know anything about Comcept or their crowd-funded game Mighty No. 9the 3D Mega Man game Keiji Inafune always wanted to makeyou know that the game's release date is kind of a joke. Before I read the email I knew it had been delayed again. Reading the email confirmed it. Instead of dwelling on the negative I've been playing games that are similar to Mega Man in some way. Here are a few of them:

Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eshop) by Inti Creates

I recently read that this game was gifted to Mighty No. 9 backers. This news initially missed me, so I checked my email and sure enough I had a code from last October! I downloaded it right away and was pleased with it. Mighty Gunvolt is a 2D action platformer with the overall look and sound of Mega Man. There are three characters to play through the five levels with: Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Ekoro from Gal*Gun, and Beck of Mighty No. 9. They all have simple 2-button controls, but Ekoro has the most unique mechanics. She is a cupid-type character so she levitates and enchants enemies to fight with her. The major complaint you'll see is that this game is short. Because each character has different moves the five levels do feel unique each time you play through them. Even still Mighty Gunvolt is a small amount of fun for a small cost of $4. There's also DLC that adds four more stages for $3, but I haven't played it so I can't comment on it.

Totally Rad (NES) by Aicom

An 8-bit platformer with magical spells and different forms to transform into. It's a bit on the challenging side and not just because of the brutal enemies. Totally Rad took some liberties from the genre. You can't walk up diagonal planes, you have to jump up them. There are no health items or power-ups to be found. Instead you heal yourself and use abilities with your own spells. This depletes your energy and if you use it all up boss fights will be next to impossible. The spells and transformations make the game really fun and allow you to play however you want. One of Totally Rad's defining characteristics is its use of late 80's California subculture. True to its name, it is totally rad.

Megabyte Punch (Linux, Mac, & Windows) by Team Reptile

Inspired by Mega Man's platforming, various abilities, and charming characters with a touch of Super Smash Bros. You quickly fill up your inventory with cool looking upgradeable parts and you can buy more with points you've earned. Within half an hour of playing my character had a sword for a left arm, a drill for a right arm, boosters on his legs, and badass black wings. Each part is assigned to a left, right, down, up, or center plus attack button ("up + attack" can be your saving jump like "up + B" in Smash). The combination of parts can work really well together. In addition to being able to triple jump and slice through stuff I was able to combine glide and drill to demolish walls quickly. Megabyte Punch is definitely a fun game if you like customization.

Celestial Mechanica (Mac & Windows) by Roger Hicks & Paul Veer

A robot is exiled from Mechanicathe floating utopia for robotsand she fights to get back. Celestial Mechanica has some kickass visuals and music. The gameplay reminds me of Mega Man because you learn moves as you go, starting off with nothing and becoming a threat to your enemy by the end. There's also some platforming that requires perfect timing. The game does have a bit of a Metroid feel to it with backtracking and familiarizing yourself with the map, though. Celestial Mechanica was dropped from $10 to free recently. It's worth checking out.

One thing all these games are lacking is the ability (and burden) of choosing which boss to fight first. The only games I can think of with this feature fall into the "too expensive to own" category. So I took to twitter for suggestions. The responses I got were The Krion Conquest and Low G Man. The Krion Conquest is "Mega Man but with witches" and has selectable boss order. It looks really cool, but it also falls into the "too expensive to own" category. Seriously, when did NES games get so expensive? Low G Man is about a dude that can jump really, really high. It's cheap and looks interesting so I might check it out. All the games I mentioned are great. Honestly though, I'm finding that it doesn't get better than Mega Man X. Are there any games that you consider to be like Mega Man in some way?
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