Monday, August 10, 2015

The Amazing Spider-Man & The Marvelous Misnomer

Blaugust Day 9

Yesterday I picked up two LJN published Spider-Man games for the Game Boy because I'm on a Spider-Man kick and I found them for pretty cheap. The games are The Amazing Spider-Man (developed by Rare) and its sequel Spider-Man 2 (developed by Bits Studios). I've wanted to pick them up ever since I saw the LJN Defender's review of them, but I was waiting to find them for a decent price. Now that I've played them I've got some things to say.

I'm not sure if this is a sneaky mugger or an old man with a cane.
The Amazing Spider-Man starts off with a comic book style cutscene which is always nice in a game based on a comic book. The story is that the usual suspects Mysterio, Hobgoblin, Rhino, and more have combined their resources and intellect to kidnap Mary Jane and fight Spider-Man one at a time. This is not the last time a Spider-Man game will use this plot. After starting the game it starts to fall apart. Spider-Man does not look like Spider-Man. I'm not fond of games where the character's height is over a third of the screen height, but that's just my preference. I can usually tolerate it if it's done to give the sprite more detail. Rare made Spidey big but not detailed. With only two buttons they had to cram a lot of moves in. So you have jump and punch each matched to a button, pretty standard so far. You can hold one button to swing and the web presumably grabs onto something above you. You don't have much control except how high you are when you swing. If you hold the other button you shoot web blasts out. There's no double jump, but you can do a running jump for more air. You have to hold left or right for about a second or two and then jump. This is extremely unreliable as you'll often need to jump over enemies or onto platforms without notice. The worst part of the game is that the boss battles are way too easy and the mobs are more of a threat. In a superhero game you should never be more afraid of birds and bugs than you are of the supervillains. It doesn't look or feel like a Spider-Man game. If it were an exterminator type game, the controls would still be awful. It's a fun game to pass the time but definitely not a shining example of what the Game Boy was capable of. I'm glad I waited to find a cheap copy.

I don't want to get burnt out so early into Blaugust so I'm going to save Spider-Man 2 for tomorrow. After that I'm thinking I'll follow up with a surprisingly good Game Boy game.
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